Jewish Weddings - Chuppah and Dance Medley Singer

Weddings are the best. The majesty of the chuppah, the food, the music, the dancing. Your friends and family all together. Every aspect of your wedding is so important. Let's start with the chuppah.

The chuppah is a moment like no other, a couple about to take their first official steps together, their families and loved ones watching. I know how important this moment is to you. My work is to introduce and to highlight these very precious seconds of your lives. It requires a very particular kind of singing, tender, supportive, one that harmonizes with your simcha.

The chuppah ceremony is always magical, always new. Each couple has a different dynamic and special ruach that makes every chuppah one of a kind. You will both stand beneath a canopy composed of a tallit and partake in many blessings, of which the sheva brachos are the highlights. These are traditionally bestowed on guests of honor or sung by the chazzan.

In addition to these 7 blessings, there are many other song selections that are traditionally sung during this time. These can be set to a wide array of popular tunes. From religious Jewish contemporary music, from ballads by Shwekey to selections like Boee B'shalom set to Bocelli's Con te Partiro or mizrachi songs like Shabechi Yerushalayim, there are so many musical ways to enhance this precious moment in your lives.

After the chuppah, we will continue to be mesameach, dancing into the night with a keyboardist, a band, or even an orchestra if your budget allows it. You can choose combinations of songs, everything from chassidic pop music, yiddish included, to melismatic sephardic, oriental tunes, all with incredible beats that are sure to keep your guests on the dance floor. At minimum you can request a keyboardist, or I can come with an entourage of dedicated musicians. The band doesn't have to be my own. If you are sold on a particular band, and would like me to team up with them as their singer for the night, I'll be glad to. I look forward to singing and dancing at your simcha!